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Introducing our set of 8 Arabic calligraphy writing pens, explicitly designed for large-scale writing projects. With 8 different sizes, you'll have the perfect tool for any project, big or small. Each pen features a solid and easy grip, beautifully crafted for a comfortable writing experience.

The slant cut bamboo nibs provide a smooth and precise stroke, and for those who prefer an uncut nib, we also have that option available. Sizes range from 3cm to 50cm, making these pens suitable for a variety of writing styles and projects.

8 pens for large calligraphy writing


Special 5% off

    • Arabic Calligraphy Writing Pens 
    • 8 Different Sizes 
    • Strong and easy grip, beautiful crafted 
    • Slant cut bamboo nibs, also available uncut 
    • Sizes: 3cm, 6cm, 8cm 10cm, 15cm, 20cm, 30cm, 50cm
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