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Introducing the Alif Arabic calligraphy set, perfect for both beginners and seasoned calligraphers. This set comes with 2 handmade Bamboo reed pens and Qalam Nib sizes 5mm and 10mm, making it ideal for writing in a variety of scripts for practice or professional masterpieces. The set also includes 15 mild yellow papers, specifically selected for their suitability for calligraphy work. The plastic inkwell is designed to fit all sizes, and comes with a 10ml black ink for all your calligraphy needs.

Additionally, the set comes with a Likka, made from silk, to help control the amount of ink and a bamboo stand to keep all your materials organized. Please note that the sizes of the bamboo pieces may slightly vary. Elevate your calligraphy experience with the Alif set today!

Arabic calligraphy set - Alif

SKU: K9-1U74-2JKM
    • 2 handmade Bamboo reed pens, Qalam Nib sizes 5mm / 10mm.Ideal size for writing in many scripts, practice(mask) or professional masterpieces. 
    • 15 Mild yellow papers, Ideal for calligraphy 
    • Plastic inkwell fit for all sizes 
    • Black ink 10ml 
    • Likka ( help control the amount of ink - Silk) 
    • Bamboo stand 
    • Bamboo sizes can be slightly different approximately 1 or 2mm. Please contact seller for any sizes
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