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Looking for the perfect Arabic calligraphy set to unleash your creativity?


The Efendi set is just what you need! With 9 handmade Bamboo reed pens and Qalam Nib sizes ranging from 3mm to 50mm, this set is perfect for writing in many scripts, whether it's practice or a professional masterpiece. The set also includes 100 mild yellow papers, a glass inkwell fit for all sizes, black ink 30 ml, Likka (helps control the amount of ink), a Bamboo stand, and of course, a Bamboo case to keep everything organised.


Get your hands on this set and start creating beautiful calligraphy today

Arabic calligraphy set - Efendi


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    • 9 handmade Bamboo reed pens, Qalam Nib sizes 3mm / 5mm / 7mm / 9mm, 10mm / 15mm / 20mm / 23mm / 50mm Ideal size for writing in many scripts, practice(mashk) or professional master piece. 
    • 100 Mild yellow papers, Ideal for calligraphy 
    • Glass inkwell fit for all sizes 
    • Black ink 30ml 
    • Likka ( help control amount of ink - Silk) 
    • Bamboo stand 
    • Bamboo sizes can be slightly approximately in 1 or 2mm vary. Please contact seller for any sizes
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