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Introducing our Naskh Arabic calligraphy set. 


It features 3 handmade Bamboo reed pens with Qalam nib sizes of 3mm, 6mm, and 9mm. These pens are the perfect size for writing many scripts, whether practising or creating a professional masterpiece. The set also includes 30 medium yellow papers, an elegant hexagon-shaped glass inkwell with 45 ml capacity, 30 ml of black ink, and a Bamboo stand. Plus, the Likka silk tool helps control the amount of ink for precise writing.


This set is perfect for beginners and advanced calligraphy artists alike.

Arabic calligraphy set - Naskh


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    • 3 handmade Bamboo reed pens, Qalam Nib sizes 3mm / 6mm / 9mm, Ideal size for writing in many scripts, practice(mashk) or professional master piece 
    • 30 medium yellow papers, Ideal for calligraphy 
    • Glass inkwell - 45 ml, Hexagon shape 
    • Black ink - 30 ml - Bamboo stand 
    • Likka (help control amount of ink - Silk)
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