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The Shamsi Arabic Calligraphy Set is the perfect choice for beginners who want to learn the art of traditional calligraphy. Our set includes handmade bamboo pens and ink, which are essential tools for any calligraphy enthusiast. The set is designed to provide a smooth and comfortable writing experience, allowing you to create beautiful calligraphy with ease. With the Shamsi Arabic Calligraphy Set, you'll have everything you need to start your calligraphy journey today! Order yours now from our Traditional Calligraphy Material Supplies website

Arabic calligraphy set - Shamsi


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  • Set contain the following items:

    Bamboo qalam Reed pen with five sizes.

    Khat Ink black 30ml bottle.

    Inkwell with a golden lid.

    Likka (Help control amount of ink).

    Calligraphy papers 100.

    Pen holding stand (made of bamboo).

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