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Introducing our set of 5 Bamboo pens specially crafted for Arabic calligraphy. Each pen is expertly carved from high-quality bamboo to provide a smooth and comfortable writing experience.

The black ink, included in a 10ml bottle, is perfect for creating bold and striking calligraphy strokes. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned calligrapher, these pens are ideal for bringing your artistic vision to life. Add this set to your collection and elevate your Arabic calligraphy skills with ease and precision.

Experience the beauty of traditional calligraphy with the eco-friendly and durable bamboo pens.

Bamboo pens for Arabic calligraphy

    • 5 handmade Bamboo reed pens, Qalam Nib sizes 10mm / 8mm / 6mm / 4mm / 3mm. Ideal size for writing in many scripts, practice(mask) or professional masterpieces. 
    • Black ink 10ml 
    • Bamboo sizes can be slightly different approximately 1 or 2mm. Please contact seller for any sizes
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