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Place for traditional calligraphy supplies

Mashk, Arabic Calligraphy

During workshop, UK

We are calligraphy materials supplying business to almost all countries worldwide since 2012. We are an independent business selling online through our own platform but our studio based in slough United Kingdom.

We are supplying bamboo pens and calligraphy sets suitable for the all ages and we are focused on providing high quality service and customer satisfaction. We import most of our material from southern Asia from different locations .

We are aim to meet your expectations. In addition, we deal in commissioning Artwork, Teaching Art and making decorative. 

Arabic Calligraphy Set

Visual Art Exhibition

Custom orders

Rewriting Arabic calligraphy

In 2018, we were on the BBC show about the rewriting of Arabic calligraphy in the series of BBC program where new generations were using the old techniques. Thank you to BBC south team and our studio colleague for your contribution and raise awareness around the world about this old technique can still be therapy in the form of Visual Art of calligraphy.

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